Makos Hobby Shop

How this started...

Well I made this Hobby shop out of my garage because I saw that the lack of bladers actually visiting the beypark was losing money and interest. Also the rule "Beyblades only, No other sport or game to be played here" has been broken on multiple occasions. So I decided to shut down this beypark/beystore and open a new hobby shop. I sell Yugioh cards, Magic The Gathering Cards, Naruto Cards, Pokemon (from the DS games no the cards), and I still sell beyblade stuff.

Allowed Beyblades

Only Metal Fight Beyblade series Beys sold from 2008 August onwards are allowed. Any Beyblades before the stated date are NOT allowed

WBBA Rules

Rule 1:  A battle will consist of 2 competitors launching their Beyblades into the Beystadium when the referee calls 3, 2, 1, GO SHOOT!

Rule 2:  The battle ends when one Beyblade stops spinning.

Rule 3:  Only one launch per battle is allowed.

Rule 4:  Each round will consist of 3 battles.

Rule 5:  If the referee has determined that both Beyblades have stop spinning at the same time the battle will be declared a tie.

Rule 6:  Each competitor will compete in just 1 round.

Rule 7:  The winner of the round is the one who won 3 rounds, 2 rounds and your opponent got 1 or when you have more points then your opponent when the battle is declared a draw.

Rule 8:  If a round ends with 3 tie battles, additional battles will be played until a battle is won. The winner of that battle will be declared the winner of that round.

Rule 9:  All Beyblade battles must be occurred in a Beystadium.

Rule 10:  Semi-Final rounds will occur in the OFFICIAL WBBA Beyblade competition stadiums.

Rule 11:  Beyblades must be launched immediately following the signal 3, 2, 1, GO SHOOT!

Rule 12:  Competitors who launch their Beyblades prior to the signal we all know! 3, 2, 1, GO SHOOT! Will automatically lose the battle.

Rule 13:  Competitors who delay the launch of their Beyblade after the signal of 3, 2 ,1  GO SHOOT! will automatically lose the battle.

Rule 14:  If a competitor touches their opponent or the Beystadium during the battle, he or she will automatically lose the battle.

Rule 15:  Competitors must launch their Beyblades from within the designated area.

Rule 16:  Competitors cannot launch their Beyblades from a standing, jumping or running position.

Rule 17:  If a competitor is not present at the beginning of the battle, then the opponent will automatically win by default.

Rule 18:  It is a competitor responsibility  to be present at the assigned Beystadium with a working top, launcher and rip cord at the pre-determined time.

Rule 19:  If a top enters a side pocket in the Beystadium and continues to spin longer than the opponent's top it will be declared the winner.

Rule 20:  If at any time during battle a top launches outside the Beystadium it will be automatically disqualified and the opponent will automatically be declared the winner of the battle.

Rule 22:  Hasbro-manufactured (e.g. electric tops) Beyblade items that were not mentioned in rule 21 are forbidden in official WBBA tournaments.

Rule 23:  Each Beyblade must contain: Face Bolt, Energy Ring, Fusion Wheel, Spin Track and Performance Tip manufactured by Hasbro/Sono Kong/Takara Tomy to be eligible for official WBBA tournament play.

Rule 24:  If any competitor is found to be using a non-official top they will only be allowed to continue with an official Beyblade top.

Rule 25:  If an competitor suspects that an opponent is using an non-official Beyblade their responsibility is to tell or report this to the Referee.

Rule 26:  All tops must be assembled and ready for battle once the competitors enter the tournament area. Competitors are not allowed to reconfigure their Beyblade during the round.

Rule 27:  If a competitor is not prepared for a battle they will have to forfeit and the opponent will win by default.

Rule 28:  If a Referee requests the inspection of a Beyblade, the player who was asked must hand over the top while it is under inspection.

Rule 29:  Beyblades that do not disassemble are forbidden in official WBBA tournaments.

Rule 30:  If a Beyblade has parts that are broken, they must replaced immediately!

Rule 31:  Competitors must ensure their Beyblade parts are properly fixed together.

Rule 32:  It is prohibited to purposely launch a Beyblade at any person at any time.

Rule 33:  A competitor can ejected from the tournament if the competitor violates regulation or performs an unsportsmanlike manner.

Rule 34:  Rules are subject to change without notice.

Rule 35:  All decisions of the Referees regarding these rules are final.


Rule 21:  Only official Beyblades, stadiums, rip cords and launchers manufactured by Hasbro, Sono Kong, and/or Takara Tomy eligible are allowed for official Beyblade game play.